NASVI India street vendors hurt in Delhi HIgh Court blast

By StreetNet International
September 12, 2011
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The National Association of Street Vendors of India  reports that 8 street vendors were hurt in the blast that hit Delhi High Court on September 7th. 70 street vendors were due to attend court that day supported by NASVI to protest against their eviction from Sarojini Nagar and Shahdara markets. They were filing for a stay order on the evictions.

NASVI programme manager Ranji Abhigyan reported that 70 vendors were due in court that day at noon and 12 had already arrived in order to get their passes. “We called up each person individually and found that 8 vendors had been hosptialised.  Three remain in hospital with severe injuries,” he explained.  StreetNet International has sent a message of solidarity to NASVI

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