1000 vendors against $1000 fines demonstration 16th February at the City Hall at 12 p.m.

By StreetNet International
February 13, 2012
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The StreetNet affiliate in USA, Street Vendor Project, in conjunction with another street vendors’ organisation !VAMOS Unidos! are organizing 1000 vendors to demonstrate against $1000 fines levied on street vendors, on 16th February, at the City Hall at 12 p.m.

New York City vendors receive exorbitant fines for minor violations that have nothing to do with health or safety. Violations such as having licence in your pocket instead of on display, having boxes beside your table, being one foot too close to the crosswalk and so on, accumulate to become $1000 each or more. This system puts hardworking vendors out of work.

Their main demands are;

  • Lower $1000 fines
  • Change the way the charges escalate
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