Malawi Union For Informal Sector (Mufis)

By StreetNet International
March 15, 2012
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International Womens Day – 8th March 2012

Women for Malawi Union for Informal Sector had an activity of sweeping and talking to the people at Manase Market in Blantyre. This market has been neglected by City Council of Blantyre. They do not collect refuse at this market;

The heap of uncollected garbage at Manase market

MUFIS women sweeping at the market 

There were several MUFIS women members from different branches in Blantyre who participated at this year’s International Women Day. This day was commemorated in style. The market is lacking a lot of things and women are the ones who are suffering a lot.  They are trading on the floor near the heap of garbage which has been there for a long time without being removed.

After sweeping they had a meeting where there were short speeches by the members. One member from the market expressed disappointment by the City Council for not collecting the garbage and that the market has no toilets and running water.

With this year’s theme of inspiring the nation to respect the rights of women at work, social, economic and development, women felt that it was right to show that women need to trade in a conducive environment Although women are not respected, they are the ones who are helping a lot to develop this country.

The chair lady second from front led the women

The chairperson for Women thanked all those who participated in this year’s activity, and to remain united in all union activities.

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