Togo: FAINATRASIT and Syvemacot New Manifesto Campaign

By StreetNet International
April 12, 2012
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The New Manifesto campaign in Togo was organised by the two affiliates, SYVEMACOT and FAINATRASIT and was an opportunity for trade union leaders to survey markets in some of the poorest areas of the interior of the country. Markets visited included those in Assivito, Attikpodi, Adodessewa, Nukafu, Adidogomoe and Assiyeye. The survey revealed that market vendors were subjected to very exorbitant and arbitrary fees, which ranged from 100 CFA (USD 2) to 1000 CFA (USD20) per day and the fee structure is not clear nor well regulated.

Many vendors felt that the taxes were not justified and that there was little public investment in the market, such as basic services like drinking water and toilet and sanitation facilities. Many also complained that they were not giving receipts for the payments they made so that they could be charged later the same day. The market vendors did not consider that the market administration was receptive to their issues and failed to provide the most basic services, like a security guard for their goods.

The two organisation held a press conference to explain the results of the survey on 29th February 2012 calling on the government to develop a law on urban vending in order to regulate trading and to tax traders in a fair, transparent manner.

This press conference was followed by a TV interview on 7th March on a well known programme called “And if we discuss it?” On 9th March, the Delegation for the Organisation of the Informal Sector of the Presidency of the Republic wrote to both affiliates requesting interest in discussing their proposals further.

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