Honduras to celebrate International Labour Day

By StreetNet International
April 26, 2012
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Honduras is preparing to celebrate a unified International Labour Day on May 1.

Various activities will take place before the first of May, coordination meetings, nomination of commissions, manufacturing of mantas, placards alluding to the subject of the celebration and protests against the abuse of human rights, the high cost of living, lack of employment and decent work, criminal activity, corruption, the lack of policies and a law for agricultural transformation and the lack of punishment.

A protest demonstration carried out by the autonomous unions of decentralised institutions such as health, education, ENEE, SANAA and others of great importance and the general strike accompanying the mobilisation called by the three labour unions which exist in the country, on the 19th of April paralysed 90% of the factories, services and autonomous and semi-autonomous institutions in the main cities in the country. It mobilised thousands of workers who demanded the revision of the minimum wages to match the high cost of living, higher wages and respect for human rights and a Comprehensive Agrarian Reform.

The government and its repressive apparatus, police, national armed forces and groups armed by landowners and cattle farmers responded repressively murdering comrades in the Districts of Colon, Cortes and Yoro.

The Government, the national police and the landowners, linked to the recently formed Freedom and Revival Party (LIBRE) promote the struggle for land allegedly owned by large national and international landowners.

At this stage we realise what is about to “happen at the party” as the popular saying goes.

a) The three labour unions CGT, CTH and CUTH have agreed to mobilise throughout the country, placing most importance on the concentration of forces in the main cities, namely Tegucigalpa, the political capital, and San Pedro Sula, the industrial capital of Honduras, which will guarantee national and international mobilisation not seen in Honduras since the seventies.

b) By virtue of selective and massive worsening of repression during April, the various unions and the popular Honduran movement, we propose to organise and mobilise, taking all safety measures and permanent dialogue to prevent and avoid repressive action and bloodshed.

Long Live Workers` Day in Honduras and in the world!


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