Street Traders and City of Johannesburg Officials to meet for a informal trading forum meeting

By StreetNet International
May 4, 2012
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Over 100 Johannesburg street trader leaders and City of Johannesburg officials will meet on the 4 May. The meeting is understood to be a regular informal trading forum meeting.

Given the recent crisis situation, particularly in Ivory Park and Lenasia where hawkers have become the victims of daily plundering and looting by members of a criminal syndicate operating freely within the Johannesburg Metro Police SANTRA will place on the agenda, as a priority issue a repeat request for an end to punitive confiscation of hawkers stock as a means of “law enforcement”.

We will ask for this inhumane strategy to be replaced with effective and sustainable management of sidewalks.

At the present time we are working around the clock with The Law Review Project, evaluating options with regard to a legal challenge that will bring both relief and compensation to the vulnerable victims of brutality.

A further media release will be issued immediately after todays meeting with the City. For more info, please contact : Edmund Elias – spokesperson cell 072 57022200 or 072 157 2482

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