StreetNet meets with the Madrid City Council

By StreetNet International
August 8, 2013
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On Friday August 2, the International Secretary of StreetNet, César García, and the Director General of Madrid Emprende, Iñaki Ortega, held a meeting in which StreetNet was introduced to the head of the City Council as an organisation with a global presence.

The Madrid City Council, through its Madrid Emprende organisation, is very conscious of self-employed workers, especially those who are starting their businesses, and places technical and human resources at their disposal to enable them to start their economic activities.

Furthermore, Madrid Emprende has an international laboratory dedicated to support those entrepreneurial and innovative activities led by foreigners whether they live in Spain or live in other countries and who wish to start business in Spain.

But in addition, the Madrid City Council is working on the drafting of a new Municipal Ordinance to regulate professions in the service sector, such as street vending, transport, commerce, etc, and which will cater for new realities, as the current Municipal Ordinances are obsolete and some of them need to be changed.

For this reason, the Madrid City Council, as an example of negotiation, will take into account the opinions of all the affected groups through the constituted associations and its organisations, such as the bureau of commerce or the marketing boards.

With reference to the EXCO meeting to be held in Madrid in November, the Director General of Madrid Emprende has committed to meeting with all its members, and to support StreetNet’s operations in Spain and in Europe with both human and technical resources.

The Director General of Madrid Emprende also considers activities which StreetNet carries out in other Regions to be important, and regarded the proposal to create and organisation of young street vendors within StreetNet very positively, and promised to support the signing of bilateral agreements between UPTA Spain and other countries, designed to facilitate the movement of immigrant street vendors between countries as a primary objective.

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