StreetNet President Mr Oscar Silva invited to participate as a guest speaker at the “First International Social Responsibility Congress” in Argentina

By StreetNet International
September 6, 2013
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StreetNet President, Mr Oscar Silva was invited as guest speaker at the “First International Social Responsibility Congress” This will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, later this year in October.

Mr Silva would be expected to participate as a speaker at the Congress, on the 15 October, in the panel discussion titled: “Decent work and responsible management”. The hosts were quoted as saying that they consider the Presidents’ contribution to this complex issue invaluable. They also added that a serious and creative approach is increasingly necessary to address these concerns.

Mr Oscar Silva said that he is honored to speak from the perspective of street vendors and informal economy workers from Africa, Asia, Europe and America in an international event of this kind. “It is important to express to the audience that every day our activity is growing and that all governments need to be aware of it. In addition, in our class status as workers we do not want to be a burden to governments but just want to be part of the organised workforce, with rights and obligations, a right to work, to health facilitates, education, housing and to meet our obligations for the payment of use of public space, the payment of taxes that allow us to have our social security, our retirement etc. Based on dialogue and mutual respect we will achieve decent work and social responsibility and be really proactive about finding consensus solutions.”

The President commented that he his speech would be based from a perspective of different continents, their problems, achievements, and negotiations with national and local governments. He will highlight social inclusion on the premise of moving from informality to formality, to stable workplaces, health and retirement rights. Mr Silva believes that everyone should be part of social responsibility including governments, businesses and workers.

The Congress will include an exposition by Amarty Sen, winner of the Noble Prize for Economics, who will speak at the inaugural conference, together with Dr. Bernado Kliksberg. Luiz Lula Da Silva, ex-President of the Federal Republic of Brazil, will also appear amongst other prominent experts and national and international functionaries linked with the topic.

This is the first International Social Responsibility Congress of this type to be held in Latin America. It is organised by the Social Responsibility Observatory Foundation (FORS) (Social Responsibility Observatory), together with the National Technological University of Argentina, in order to provide a space for the interchange of experiences in relation to Social Responsibility and to identify ways to promote the subject in the region.

The Congress will bring together recognised experts in SR, hundreds of representatives of enterprises from various sectors, authorities and academics from public and private Latin American universities, authorities from national and international governments, representatives of unions, cooperatives and civil society organisations.

Information on the Congress and the final program details can be found on the website:

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