The Municipality evicts street vendors from several avenues

By StreetNet International
November 8, 2013
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From this Monday 50 inspectors and 50 police officers will be on the street to control the unauthorised installation of stalls. Vendors are asking for a solution so that they can continue work.

Street Vendors of the main avenues were evicted by the Municipality of Montevideo who warned them that the next time their merchandise will be confiscated.

From this Monday, the General Inspection of the Administration of Montevideo began to gain another role on the streets of the capital. In addition to the promotion of Diego Banizi as Director, 45 new staff members were appointed from other units of the district and the police provided extra troops required to support the work of the inspectors.

The first consequence of this was a simultaneous operation against street vendors from Paso Molino, July 18 and October 08.

One of the vendors of Paso Molino said that inspectors arrived with orders that they could not set up their stalls and that from Tuesday their merchandise will be confiscated. They ask for a solution and assure the inspectors that they want to work.

From this Monday there will be a task team composed of 50 inspectors and 50 police officers on the street permanently.


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