Solidarity with members FUTRAND, Venezuela

By StreetNet International
March 11, 2014
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Message from StreetNet President – Oscar Silva

To all members of our affiliate in Venezuela, we express our solidarity with FUTRAND at this difficult time. Through the experiences collected from our sector worldwide, we know that street vendors and market vendors are often between "two fires" and they are the most vulnerable to situations of state instability and violence.

We also know that our sector has a lot of resistance, dynamism and strength to face challenges. We send our support, so you achieve peaceful resolution of the conflict. Your country has accomplished a lot for the needy and there are forces resisting the necessary changes; however, you do not doubt that our sector vote for peace and positive change for everybody, especially the most needy groups.

Maintaining a real participatory democracy involves the possibility of bringing honest and proactive dialogue; you can and should defend peace and stability. You achieving this, it is our desire. Solidarity with you!

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