StreetNet’s Programme In Nigeria

By StreetNet International
July 17, 2014
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According to the StreetNet work plan for 2014, Sibailly Maximilien Douhouré,  StreetNet  organiser in Africa and Aaron A. Boima Secretary General  of SLeTU, the StreetNet’s affiliate in Sierra-Leone , have just started a one week visit in Nigeria from July 13 to 17, 2014. The objective of this important trip is to interact with the leadership of FIWON and other trade unions like National Union of Textile, NUTG. The other objective is to find out FIWON’s capacity in organising, to know the affiliated associations and numerical strength and also see the relationship between StreetNet and FIWON in terms of affiliation. Sibailly will also use this opportunity to know the status of the waste pickers organizations in Nigeria since the WIEGO’s project ended in 2013.

From right to left -  Aaron A. Boima- National GS of SLeTU, StreetNet's affiliate in Sierra Leone- Sibailly, StreetNet Organiser - Gbenga Komolafe, GS/ FIWON- Asiwaju Jacob Omomidi Fayeum, Chairman/NATA, Mrs Alahaja/FIWON and Bunni Olinbanjo/Assistant SG/FIWON

Day 1

The visit started off with a meeting with Gbenga Kamolafe, the general Secretary of FIWON to finalise the programme of events and briefly analyse the situation FIWON is faced with(harassment and extorsion  and more so no space to sell for the vendors. As the result of this, there is going to be night selling by so many vendors, according to the NUTG’s President comrade Oladele Hunsu in a meeting in his office.

The StreetNet’s delegation also held discussion with the acting General Secretary Education and Research of NUTG, comrade Ismail Bello to know more about FIWON activities in Nigeria since M. Bello being a researcher. During this discussion he said there is greater opportunity for FIWON to take advantage off. He continued to say FIWON need to improve on the relationship with NLC and currently FIWON is house by NUTG and it is mainly on social contract and solidarity.

Forty-six participants from 14 associations attended the meeting organised by FIWON. Among them 10 women were also present.

All the participants at the meeting

The 14 organisations in Lagos city  at the meeting, are namely – Association Body therapists, Hairdressers and berbers of Nigeria – Nigeria Union of Tailors – Nigeria Automobile Tech.  Association – LSVA  ISOLO – Video film product Association- Domestic workers Union- Nigerian Welders Association-  Lagos Scrap-dealers Association- ALL Farmers Association/Ikokodu- FROSEN Food- United Okada/Tricycles Stackeholders Forum- Gypsum & Plaster of Paris Artisanal Association of Nigeria  – National Electronic Techniciens Association- VFPAM- UOJSF-Sunflay Nigeria Ltd

We had two separate meetings on the first day at the headquarters of the NUTG Building in Acme Road Ikeja, Lagos.

Mrs Lola Oshinnowo, National President of ABTHBN making her contribution at the meeting

Day 2

Meeting with the affiliate organisations leaders of FIWON

The meeting was held at the NUTG’s conference hall on Tuesday 15 July,2014 from 10:30 to 1:00 p.m.

The objectives of the meeting were:

 a) to introduce StreetNet to the FIWON’s affiliate associations;
b) to see how FIWON is organise and its leadership structure

Day 3

We are going to continue the activities according to our programme.

The final schedule:

July 13 – Arrival in Lagos.
July 14, – Meeting with Gbenga Komolafe, General Secretary of FIWON – Meeting with Comrade Ismail Bello and the President of NUTG
July 15 -Meeting with affiliated organizations of FIWON

July 16 -Visit  FIWON affiliated organisation leaders work place in Lagos
July 17- Meeting with  waste pickers organisations in Lagos
July 18- Meeting and visit to work place of waste pickers in Lagos

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