SIVARA Country Activity, Argentina: FLOW project, StreetNet International

By StreetNet International
September 19, 2014
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Pictured all the participants who attendedSIVARA hosted a workshop from the 15th to 16th September 2014, which is within the FLOW Project ´s framework for women’s leadership. The workshop on Social Solidarity Economy brought together almost all provinces of Argentina. Leaders of several regional offices described their specific situations, understanding of social solidarity and entrepreneurship or effort in this matter. Government institutions and representatives of the trade union CGT also presented their views.

The workshop also discussed the ILO meeting which took place in June 2014 on formalisation of the informal economy and the possibilities to create a draft national law for Argentina which will address the demands of street vendors. It was revealed through the discussions the strong identity that the Union of Street Vendors of Argentina has created with an awareness of the value street vendors bring to each province of this country. Provincial representatives expressed a great defence of their demands and the respect they deserve for their work, which is not only their jobs, but their labour rights. In Argentina, they are no longer illegal; they are workers in the informal economy.

Secretary General of SIVARA and President of StreetNet International, Oscar Silva, believes that: "Daily communication and activities like this, here and in various countries of the world, is creating unity. The only form of social and labor inclusion is through the organisation, training and fellowship among all workers. By truly knowing and defending our class status as workers, we will all benefit through building cooperatives and a solidarity economy that dignifies us and advances our efforts to improve the living conditions for all. "

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