Own-Account workers in Nicaragua are grateful for the recognition of their rights

By StreetNet International
October 17, 2014
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Own-Account workers in NicaraguaThe Confederation of Own-Account Workers at a press conference thanked Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo for their statement that no own-account worker can be evicted from their job.

These statements were provided by the comrade Rosario Murillo, on 15th September in a special notification, where once again the Nicaraguan Government recognizes the self-employed sector as a movement that deserves respect for their work.

This is not the first time that this government makes such a statement, since in 2009 the government has said that evictions of workers was prohibited since it was considered their right to earn a honest living.

The own-account workers contribute 44.4% to the GDP, according to the IDB, giving greater stability to the country; and they are generators of wealth and national stability.

The General Secretary of CTCP Adrian Martinez, emphasized that this statement of the Government protects own-account workers who have years of work and especially to those who are organized, but it does not mean that large companies who are deploying employees as own-account workers when in fact they are entrepreneurs interested in growing their capital; nor the anarchy that it is generated in the occupation of public spaces in a disorderly manner.

CTCP thanks further claims by the Government, and considers it a good time to develop initiatives that guarantee the right to decent work and also the right to have free movement to achieve a clean city and pleasant surroundings.

This note was written by Evelyn Leiva CTCP-FNT

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