Message from FEDEVAL

By StreetNet International
November 28, 2014
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Enough with all the abuse!!

To the Workers of Small Businesses (Street Vendors) from Lima surrounds.

We reject and repudiate the repressive attitude being taken by the Municipality of Lima against these workers.

Most of these workers are women, who do not have a legal backing to protect their work and Social Rights: Women suffering exclusion and discrimination by the Municipal Authority; from the Media; and from Civil Society sectors; all of them do not recognise the quality of worker and citizens; they only brand us "hawkers" contemptuously.

These workers also lack the support and solidarity from the Unions of employees from other sectors; or Social Organisations of Independent Workers. Therefore, CUT Peru through the Socio-political unionism which has grouped these workers, and pursuant of the METROPOLITAN AGREEMENT signed with the Mayor Susana Villarán, is asking for support against the repressive actions being taken by the Mayor of Lima.


We are sadly surprised with the repressive and abusive attitude of the management from the Mayor Susana Villarán against these humble workers.

We are even more surprised that in less than 40 days the mayor will go home after the electoral defeat suffered, and she continues to use corrupt officials, in the attempt to systematically threaten the life and labour right of thousands of workers.

We therefore demand the mayor, sanction and dismiss such corrupt officials, who are abusing the power they have been given, by attacking the lives of thousands of workers, applying a series of abusive measures, which never occurred during previous administrations. In this subject we declare non grata to street vending and blame these persons for any tragedy that might occur during these outrages committed against us.

It is enough of such abuse against humble workers!!

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