Nayib Bukele did not attend the informal vendors’ forum

By StreetNet International
February 20, 2015
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The remaining mayoral candidates of San Salvador presented their proposals and listened to the concerns of the sector.

By Xiomara Alfaro

The National Informal Vendors’ Unit (UNV), made up of various representative organisations in the sector, conducted a forum with the San Salvador mayoral candidates.

The most notable absentee was Nayib Bukele, the candidate for the FMLN, whose reason for not being present was not known. The aspiring mayor of the capital tends to be absent from presentations to which his opponents are invited.

Among the topics that were addressed was the recognition of the rights of informal workers and ensuring that the public spaces where they work are included in market systems.

Likewise, the union presented the "Strategic Platform of Informal Workers for Decent Work," which is the result of the unification of merchants and vendors of metropolitan San Salvador, which began to take shape in July 2014.

Participants in the Forum, which took place in Universidad Francisco Gavidia, were the candidates of: ARENA, Edwin Zamora; GANA, Walter Araujo; DC, Fito Salume; CD, Roberto Cañas and Luis Cuenca of the PCN.