StreetNet launches New Manifesto and hosts Social Solidarity Workshop

By StreetNet International
April 24, 2015
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StreetNet launched a new manifesto campaign and hosted a social solidarity workshop. These two activities were part of the Flow project. This was held in Lome, Togo from the 13-15 April for affiliates from Ghana, Benin and Togo

Launching of the StreetNet International New Manifesto Campaign

At the launch of the New Manifesto Campaign. Pictured are the New Manifesto Guides being distributed to the delegations who attended

This launching ceremony took place in Lomé, Togo on the 13th of April in the presence of the market association leaders from Lomé and representatives from five other cities of the country.

Closing ceremony of the seminar on the social solidarity economy in presence of  the Rep. of  Togo’s Confederation of Workers Unions, General Manager  of EPAM, Programme Officer of LO FTF/Denmark and StreetNet Organiser for Africa, Sibailly M DouhoureThe General Manager of EPAM Mrs. Folly-Sessi Ayelegan Majé conducted the opening ceremony. EPAM is a public organisation in charge of running markets in Lomé

The Programme Officer, Mrs. Liliane W. NAPOE, represented the West Africa Sub Regional Office of LO/FTF Council, Denmark at this ceremony.

The StreetNet Organiser for Africa Sibailly M. Douhoure during the opening ceremony explained the meaning for this New Manifesto Campaign. " This is a campaign designed to unite the strengths of informal street / market vendors and hawkers to express their needs and develop an International manifesto."

The General Manager of EPAM addressing participants at the ceremonySix women and two men represented StreetNet affiliates from Ghana (IHVAG) and Benin (SYNAVAMAB & USYNVEPID). "We equally felt the presence of two participants of the UNIWA, the organisation in charge of the problems facing the informal Economy from the Ghana TUC," said Douhoure

About 150 participants(100 were women), attended this important ceremony that was covered by Togolese National television (TVT), the National Radio station and private media. Every participant received a copy of the New Manifesto Campaign.

Workshop on the Social Solidarity Economy in Lome-Togo

Immediately after the launching of the New Manifesto Campaign, a workshop on the Social Solidarity Economy(SSE)- was organised from 13 -15 April 2015. Among the 53 participants at the workshop, 36 were women.

Participants who attended the seminar on the Social Solidarity Economy

The case of mutual "tontine" of SYVEMACOT in Togo was developed and was discussed as a good example.

This tontine was created in 2007. It renders it services to about 1100 members with their families (father, mother and 3 or 4 children). The mutual tontine pays 75% of the charges for minor sicknesses such as: malaria, minor stomach problems, respiratory problems, minor wounds, HIV/AIDS , birth or child deliveries of the members. They have engaged four full time staff.

The workshop covered the following topics

" The transition from the informal economy to formal economy.
" The discussions included the analysis and reports of the 2014 ILC meeting held in Geneva.
" Focal point communication problems. The participants from affiliates in Benin, Ghana and Togo promised to improve sharing information within the focal point in the region.
" Collective bargaining system in the Informal Economy. The participants made recommendations on the Collective Bargaining system and on the social protection for informal workers.

The closing ceremony took place in the presence of the Director of EPAM, the programs officer of LO/ FTF Denmark, Representative of the CSTT, the Togolese workers union Confederation and the StreetNet Organiser, Sibailly M. Douhoure

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