Disappointing setback for marginalised workers in informal economy

By StreetNet International
June 4, 2015
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3 June 2015

In all consultations with workers in the informal economy across different continents about the upcoming ILO Recommendation on transitions from the informal to the formal economy, there was complete consensus on one issue – formalisation MUST involve the right to direct participation in collective negotiations (including tripartite negotiations) by ALL workers, including those in the informal economy. This necessarily involves changing prevailing national practice in the majority of countries, where workers in the informal economy do not enjoy this right.

However, the conference committee on transitions from the informal to the formal economy today agreed to limit the right of workers to participate in collective negotiations "according to national practice". In effect, this means that there will be no change to the status of marginalisation and social exclusion of workers in the informal economy, while others will continue to speak on their behalf in the exclusive negotiations forums which exist in many countries.

This is a most disappointing setback for the workers of the world in the informal economy, who had participated in good faith in the preparations for this Recommendation in the hope that this would be a tool to assist them to now enjoy the same rights, previously denied to them, as other workers.

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