By StreetNet International
August 31, 2015
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Opening ceremony(From left to right): Agblégoé Yawavi, SYVEMACOT, Catherine Toublou, Presidente of FAINATRASIT, Mr Adossi, Prefect of the City of Tsevié, Mr Akiti Dossey, Secretary General of the City Council, Sibailly  M. Douhouré, StreetNet Organiser

The activity took place at Tsévie, in a city situated at 40km north from Lomé the capital of Togo.Thirty three (33) leaders among which twenty two (22) women from Lomé and from Tsévié participated in the works of this seminary. The participants are informal market and street vendors, craftsmen, hairdressers, tailors, mechanics and jewelers.

The opening ceremony was chaired by Mr Adossi , Prefect of the City, in the presence of Mr Akiti Dosseh, Secretary General of the City council. Catherine TOUBLOU, President of FAINATRASIT jumped on the opportunity to issue the demand that the collaboration between the local government and the organizations of the informal economy know a clear and effective improvement.

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The participants discussed of the administrative management of FAINATRASIT, the good governance, the collective bargaining in the informal economy, the management of the Focal Point of StreetNet in West & Central Africa. They also discussed the contents of the Recommendation 204 of the ILO (International Labor Organization) adopted in June, 2015 which concerns the transition of the informal economy towards the formal economy.

The participants developed a work plan to improve the management of FAINATRASIT. The plan is particularly about the preparation and the holding of the next General Assembly of FAINATRASIT in a year time.

The workshop was facilitated by the Organizer of StreetNet Sibailly Douhouré and by the Secretary General of SYVEMACOT, Komi Mensanh Kesouagni, member of the International Council of StreetNet.

The workshop took place in the hotel ‘’Le Grand” of Tsévié from 18 till 19 August 2015.

Group work on the action plan of FAINATRASIT

FAINATRASIT is an umbrella organization which groups 23 associations and unions of the informal economy, including mainly the musicians, the tailors, the hairdressers, the jewelers, the street and market vendors, the electricians, mechanics, sculptors, wooden workers joiners, masons, etc.

Let us get acquainted with the big market of Tsévié

Situated in the center of the city, the market of Tsévié welcomes approximately 4000 people every Friday, market day, and between 1000 and 1500 people the other days. We find especially farm produces and other consumer goods there. The market is managed by a Committee elected for 3 years. The president of the Committee Mrs BANISSAN Akou and 10 colleagues attended the workshop.

A new market is under construction and will be delivered in 2016; this market is built on 10 hectares with sheds, a center for the children and a health center. The new market will be enclosed contrary to the current one.

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