Cooperation between Solidarity Center & Streetnet International: Programme launch in Tanzania and Zimbabwe

By StreetNet International
September 23, 2015
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Group photo for the participants of the StreetNet International delegation

Streetnet International and its two affiliates in Tanzania and Zimbabwe were invited to participate in the Solidarity Center’s planning meeting for the informal economy grant covering Zimbabwe and Tanzania,  held in Harare, Zimbabwe from 7-10 September 2015

The meeting witnessed the participation of:

  • The representatives of the participating unions, Tanzanian Union of Industrial and Commercial Workers(TUICO) and the Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Association(ZCIEA),
  • StreetNet International’s Regional Organizer for Africa and Educator
  • Solidarity Center’s key field personnel in the implementation of the program
  • The Solidarity Center’s Regional Program Director for Africa, Imani  Countess and StreetNet International Coordinator Pat Horn, also took an active part in the meeting.

This meeting was held according to the following programme:

Day One: Welcome and Introductions, Meeting expectations, Understanding StreetNet International, Understanding TUICO and its operating environment, Understanding ZCIEA and its environment Collecting Bargaining
Day Two: Collective Bargaining, Becoming Familiar with Available Educational Materials, Formalization of Informal Economy
Day Three: Promoting Participation, Bargaining, and Formalization for Urban Informal Workers in Tanzania and Zimbabwe, Program Implementation, Program Summary, RACI Matrix, Budget, Reporting
Day Four: Understanding Solidarity Center, Review of the meeting, Programme  Launch

Pictured are all participants of the meeting

The meeting provided a better understanding of the Program and the ILO’s core labor standards such as freedom of association among informal economy workers, on which The Solidarity Center is working with StreetNet International in Tanzania and in Zimbabwe.

This program will last for two years.

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