Xidmat-ISH educates youth of Azerbaijan on the drug addiction issue and its consequences

By StreetNet International
February 23, 2016
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Recently, on February 19, 2016, Xidmat-ISH, StreetNet affiliate from Azerbaijan, held a training workshop for youth in Baku Business College on the theme "Fighting drug addiction."

250 young boys and girls attended the activity. “The theme is very relevant, as the age of addicted is getting younger. It is a big danger for the health of the whole society”, – noted Jamal Ismayilov, Xhidmat-ISH Vice-President.

According to official statistics in the Republic of Azerbaijan around 27,000 are drug addicted, 500 of whom are girls. This is a very serious figure, but when you consider experts’ opinion, that in reality these figures are three times more, only then we realize the full danger for the society.

In addition, due to the adopted law in Azerbaijan, all young couples while registering their marriage, are required to undergo a medical examination. So, thanks to this law, it was possible to identify more than 4 thousand people with thalassemia and several hundred were drug addicted.

The whole mechanism of people’s involvement in drug addiction and all the destructiveness of this step were explained during the workshop. Entering the path of drug addiction, people not only destroy their future, but also, first of all and foremost, they become the murderers of their parents. As usual, this disastrous affection of their children ends with deadly stresses and anxiety for their parents.

The workshop was attended by the police officer from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan. He also made a presentation on this topic.

Participants had a great opportunity to ask the related questions and get professional answers.

Information provided by Jamal Ismayilov

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