IFWEA Meeting of the Executive Committee to discuss its Strategic Plan and Education Program

By StreetNet International
June 17, 2016
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By Sibailly M. Douhoure

Partial view of participants, from Left to right: Trenton Elsley (LRS-South Africa), Katri Soder (TSL-Finland), Sibailly Douhouré (StreetNet - Cote d'Ivoire), Juan Carlos Vargas (PLADES-Peru)17 June, 2016

On 29 – 30 May, 2016 a Meeting of the Executive Committee of IFWEA took place in Gothenburg, Sweden.

IFWEA – International Federation of Workers` Education Associations is the international organisation responsible for the development of workers` education. It brings together national and international trade unions, workers` education associations, NGOs and foundations engaged in the provision of adult education opportunities for workers and the communities in which they live throughout the world. StreetNet International is also affiliated to the IFWEA.

At the invitation of Arbetarnas Bildningsförbund (ABF), its affiliate in Sweden, the International Federation of Workers` Education Associations (IFWEA) held its Executive Committee meeting on 29thand 30th of May 2016 at Gothenburg, Sweden. Partial view of participants: from left to right: Katri Soder(TSL-Finland)  Sibailly Douhouré (StreetNet - Cote d'Ivoire), Juan Carlos  Vargas (PLADES-Peru)Particularly, IFWEA Strategic Plan for 2016-2019, the financial report of the 22nd Congress held in 2015 and new affiliations were topics to be examined. The meeting was chaired by Susan Schuman, President of the IFWEA. Helen Pettersson, the President of ABF and also Vice-President of IFWEA addressed the meeting as the host organization.

Elected as member of the Executive Committee at the 22ndCongress of IFWEA held in Lima, Peru, on the 4thand 5th of December 2015, Sibailly Douhouré, Organizer and Educator of StreetNet participated in this important meeting.

The main idea of the IFWEA education program is to try to find how StreetNet affiliates in all regions of the world could benefit particularly from the study circles by training method as well as online training of IFWEA`s Academy.

Partial view of participants (from right to left: Saliem Patel (IFWEA-South Africa) Helen Pettersson (ABF-Sweden), Juan Carlos Vargas (PLADES-Peru), Sibailly Douhouré (StreetNet - Cote d'Ivoire), Trenton Elsley, (LRS-South Africa)Before the IFWEA Executive meeting, Arbetarnas Bildningsforbund offered a three day long program filled with panels, workshops, tours, lectures and much more on different topics within the two themes abolishing the class society and strengthening the popular movements. The program also included a reception hosted by representatives of Gothenburg Municipality and a dinner in the beautiful Eriksbergshallen. The three-day long event ended on Saturday 28th May with a fun day at Sweden`s biggest carnival, called Hammarkullens carnaval.

All these activities were accomplished thanks to the dynamism of the leaders of ABF who I would like to thank and in particular Helen Pettersson, President of ABF.

The next Executive Committee meeting expected to be held in Cape Town in South Africa in November 2016.

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