International Women’s Day in Malawi

By StreetNet Media
March 15, 2022
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On 8th March every year, the world celebrates the International Women’s Day (IWD) in which they commemorate the life of every single woman around the world.

During this day, women around the world gather in different places to celebrate the victory of their existence.

In an interview, some women in Malawi expressed their views on how they understand the concept of International Women’s Day.

Gladys Mponda

Gladys Mponda is the Vice President of Malawi Union for Informal Sector (MUFIS) and she explained that IWD is the day they remember their success in the male dominated environment.

Eunice Nankhwema also said that IWD is the day when they remember all women around the world regardless of who they are or what they do.

She continued by saying that women face a lot of challenges since they do their jobs and businesses in male dominated environment. As such, for her as a woman, she tries her best to  do more appreciative work that can even those done by the male. In an example, she talked of wreath she mostly make in her shop.

“I always make sure that I make high quality wreaths and even with a different design as a lot of men does” said Eunice.

On the other hand, Gladys also said that  when there is time to appreciate the life of women, there is an implementation of gender equality in one way or the other and she urged all men that they should know that whatever they do, women can also do it and even better than them.

Eunice however, encouraged all sectors to invest more women in leadership if they need to be successful.

“If we might have more women in leadership, our work might move forward smoothly. This is because a woman is more likely to avoid malpractices that may lead to downfall of the company or a business” said Eunice.

Agreeing with Eunice, Gladys also urged  men to try as much as possible to share responsibilities with women so that they promote gender equality and stop underrating women.

“Whatever a woman wants to do, she does it without hesitation and she does it with all her strength”, said Gladys.

Even though women are continue to be underrated but there is a progress in terms of gender equality when it comes to responsibilities.

“In the informal economy, women are taking higher positions and men are helping women to take positions and be in decision making positions”, said Gladys.

Eunice also added that as of now they are leading different places like in business places, churches and even other groups where they work in a mixture of mem and women.

Finally, Gladys urged all women to shine on in their every day lives.

“Being a woman on its own, it is a super power to promote and support the power of all women in the world”, said Gladys.

Meanwhile, Eunice finalized by advising all women that they should be independent whether they are working or not.

“Women who are working or doing some business, they should work hard and don’t underrate themselves that they cannot manage some tasks which are being carried out by men instead they should be on front to work together and get the job done by them also” said Eunice.

Eunice Nankhwema

This article was written by StreetNet Youth Reporter Uthman Kaisi.

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