We are hiring – Organizer for the Americas

By StreetNet Media
January 18, 2023
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StreetNet International is a global organization of committed informal traders, with the goal to promote and leverage an autonomous and democratic alliance of street vendors, hawkers, and cross-border traders in over 52 countries. We are currently looking for an Organizer to join our team and strengthen our regional and international work.

Applications are invited for the abovementioned part-time position (15 hours per week) starting on 1st April 2023, which will involve working virtually and physically with StreetNet’s affiliated organizations in Latin American region, assisting them to build their organizational capacity in representing and furthering the interests of street vendors, informal market vendors and hawkers, especially women, throughout the world. 

The Organiser will work from wherever s/he wishes to be based and the work will be co-ordinated by means of electronic communications and other reporting mechanisms in operation in StreetNet. The Organiser is responsible for establishing and maintaining the necessary communications and administrative infrastructure to do this work.

The following requirements will apply:

1. Commitment to improving the lives of the poorest street vendors, informal market vendors and hawkers, especially women, worldwide;

2. Ability to work in an international environment;

3. Ability to network with the trade union movement, social movements and other civil society organisations;

4. Experience and knowledge of socio-economic and labor movement situation in the Latin American region;

5. Good analytical skills and understanding of informal economy;

6. Knowledge of Spanish, some Portuguese and/or French will be a recommendation – in addition to English which is the medium of communication between staff.

Please send your application, together with your Curriculum Vitae, to the International Coordinator coordinator@streetnet.org.za by no later than 20 February 2023.  

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews during February-March 2023.

StreetNet Management Team

Download the Terms of Reference here.

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