Join our global contest for the best street vendor emoji!

By StreetNet Media
December 12, 2023
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StreetNet International is looking for the best street vendor emoji – join our global contest now!

StreetNet International is a global alliance of organizations of street and market vendors, hawkers and cross-border traders. As we have members in over 50 countries, we stay in touch via online communication and emojis are an essential part of our shared digital language.  

However, we do notice a glaring gap  in our emojis – there are no street vendors! Even though street vendors are an essential part of our cities and of the lives of millions of people all over the world, we still do not have an emoji that represents us.

That is why we are launching a global contest for the best street vendor emoji! 

Here is what are we looking for:

  • An emoji that represents street vendors at work (e.g. with their carts, in market stalls, with their mobile merchandise….);
  • An emoji that can be used with different skin tones, to represent our diversity;
  • Preferably, an emoji that represents a woman street vendor, since women are the majority of informal traders in many countries and StreetNet as an organization has a commitment to women’s leadership;
  • An emoji that respects Unicode® Emoji guidelines for proposals (very important!)
  • An emoji that captures the dignity of street vendors and of their work!

We are opening our contest on December 15th 2023, and we are accepting submissions that fulfill the criteria until January 31st. The winners will be announced by February 28th, 2024

The submissions will be judged by street vendors leaders from across the world, representing StreetNet affiliates, via an online voting system and the winning emoji will become StreetNet’s official emoji and will be submitted to Unicode®. 

The prize for the winner of the contest will be the 300 USD, the emoji will become StreetNet’s official emoji and the winner will receive a plaque with the StreetNet logo, a StreetNet mug and a calendar with pictures of street vendors from across the world

Send your submissions until January 31st  to the email Your submissions should include:

Women and young designers, as well as those with experience in the informal economy or from families of informal economy workers, are especially encouraged to participate in this contest!

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