Annie Diouf (Senegal)

Annie Diouf is the Confederal Secretary in charge of the informal economy department of the National Confederation of Workers of Senegal (CNTS). She is also the General Secretary of the National Union of Informal Economy Workers, Street and Market Vendors (SYNATREIN) and the coordinator for the Union for the Formalization of Informal Economy Workers (UFTEI). Annie is the contact person for WIEGO and StreetNet programmes within CNTS and current Tresurer of StreetNet International. Read Annie’s full biography here.

CNTS (Confédération Nationale des Travailleurs du Sénégal) (Senegal)

Formed in 1968.

Aims and objectives:
• Defend the interest and rights of members;
• Participate in the economic and social development of the country.

• Work for the creation of decent work opportunities;
• Unemployment insurance for retrenched workers;
• Establish national health insurance fund for informal economy workers.

Inspiring Workers: Annie Diouf (Senegal)

Annie Diouf is currently a member of StreetNet’s Executive Committee. She holds the position of Treasurer, which should not be surprising considering that Annie is an experienced accountant who turned to the informal economy to support her family. She then flourished as an accomplished leader of women street vendors in Senegal.