Representatives of small businesses of Moldova threaten authorities with protest actions

By StreetNet International
June 13, 2016
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13 June 2016

Natalia Suboci, Chairwoman of Trade Union FederationRepresentatives of small Business Association demand from the authorities to introduce a special (fixed) tax for small businesses and to declare from January 1, 2017 a 10-year moratorium on any changes in legislation which relates to promotion of small businesses. They claimed, in case their demands are not taken into account by the authorities, small entrepreneurs would start protest actions, according to a report of

“While the issue of importance of the business environment to create jobs and capacity building of tax transfers is being discussed a lot and assertively, the actual state of things has not been changing. Moreover, it is expected that from the beginning of 2017 the activity of more than 40 thousand small (street) traders will not be allowed (according to the Law ? 121 as of 29.05.2008 paragraph 5 of Art. 17 these working places will be eliminated).

The situation in small business sector is already complicated due to the discriminatory economic policies: expensive credit resources, bureaucracy, unfair competition, corruption at all administrative levels, aggressive nepotism and therefore incompetent staff in the ministries and departments”, – says Mr. Eugen Roshkovan the Chairman of Association of small business.

The Bill on small and medium-sized enterprises has been submitted to the parliamentary commission. But until now, the content of the document is unknown, no one is interested in a civil society’s opinion on this issue,”- says Roshkovan.

At the same time, he noted that any single principle on the need of small business development is not respected. However, we signed an Association of Agreement with the EU, where in Chapter 10 “Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship” (Articles 62 and 63), the promotion and support of small and medium-sized enterprises is required, in particular it relates to the micro-enterprises.

“Among our other requirements to the authority I would like to emphasize on the abolition of paragraph 5, Art. 17 of the Law, which envisages “Retail trade from the stalls, tents and vehicles at the markets and/or in places authorized by local public administration authority – to exclude from 1 January 2017″. If the authorities fail to meet our demands, we will be forced to once again go to the streets and arrange protest actions”, – concluded the leader of the Association.

Branch trade union seeks support from the StreetNet International

In an interview with a reporter of the Moldovan trade union newspaper “Vocea poporului”, Natalia Suboci, Chairwoman of the Trade Union Federation “Moldova-Business-Sind” noted in this context that those traders who have patents, though are not union members, are in the focus of attention of the Federation, because they belong to the category of small business.

“They belong to the category of street vendors, and in the frames of the Federation “Moldova-Business-Sind” they are affiliated to the StreetNet International, which unites street vendors from around the world to defend their rights in the field of labor and social relations.

Therefore our Federation strongly opposes government’s attempts from 1 January 2017 to deprive a patent from a large number of people who have found their place in small businesses and working legally, fully paying for their patents, without debts to the state”, – noted Natalia Suboci.

From her point of view, the deprivation of their patents would lead to job losses and even greater economic instability.

“We fully agree with the position of Chairman of the Small Business Association Mr. Eugen Roshkovan and ready to cooperate and defend this point of view right up to our participation in the protest actions. We also reserve the right to appeal to the StreetNet International, for our patent holders to get some support at the international level in regard to protection of their rights. Moreover, even in economically developed countries a small business sphere, the base of which are the patent owners, plays a significant role in the country’s economy”, – added the Chairwoman of the Trade Union Federation “Moldova-Business-Sind”.


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