StreetNet official statement on the invasion of Ukraine

By StreetNet Media
February 25, 2022
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On February 24, 2022, Russia began its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, launching rocket attacks in several Ukrainian cities to target strategic military units and airports. On February 25, Russian troops bombed and entered the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. This act of war has devastating consequences for all Ukrainians, but also for the world at large, especially at a time when countries are already struggling with economic crisis and a global pandemic.

Any kind of armed conflict will always have terrible consequences for all workers, but the invasion of Ukraine is of especial concern for StreetNet. We must express our fullest solidarity with our affiliate organization Free Trade Union of Entrepreneurs of Ukraine (FTUEU) and all its members, as well as with Ukrainian StreetNet team members, including our International Coordinator Oksana Abboud.

The consequences of this invasion are unpredictable, however, we know the most vulnerable members of society, the poor, such as informal economy workers, civilians that never chose the war are always the ones that suffer the most, unlike those who are sitting on their geopolitical boards playing with human lives. War, destabilization and insecurity deepen inequalities in the name of economic interests and we condemn such inhumane measures that disrespect the sovereignty of the people and can be used in the twenty-first century.

We can only appeal to the solidarity among all workers to resist warmongers and stand with our Ukrainian comrades in unity and praying for peace.

Glory to Ukraine and its Heroes