3-6 MAY 2023


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Frequently asked questions

We have collected the most frequently asked questions by delegates.

Do we need to pay for a visa to go to Rwanda?

From 1 Jan 2018, Citizens of all countries are allowed to get visa upon arrival without prior application. The visa fees must not exceed 50 USD for single entry visa.

Plus, there are many citizens of countries entitled to free visa upon arrival for short visits.

Citizens of member countries from the following organizations get visa upon arrival and are waived visa fees for a visit of 30 days: African Union, Commonwealth and La Francophonie.  Also citizens of East African Community Member States shall be issued a pass/entry visa free of charge upon arrival to stay for the period of six months.

The following countries to be granted 90 days valid visa free of charge upon arrival: Angola, Benin, Central African Republic, Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, The Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis, Ghana, Guinea, Indonesia, Haiti, Mauritius, Philippines, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Sao Tome and Principe, Singapore and the state Qatar.

Remember: StreetNet does not pay or reimburse visa costs for delegates.

Source of information:
Rwanda Directorate General of
Immigration and Emigration

Where are we staying in Kigali?

We are staying at the Lemigo Hotel in Kigali, where the 7th International Congress of StreetNet will take place. The hotel is situated within the city center/business district and is only 5km away from the airport

Does the hotel offer halal food?

Yes, it does. All meals for delegates are included during the International Congress.

What type of vaccination certificates are we supposed to take?

We strongly advise you to bring your COVID-19 vaccination certificate and your Yellow Fever vaccination card.

What clothes should I bring, considering the weather in Kigali?

The weather in May in Kigali has usually been sunny and warm (26°C – 17°C), but in later years there has also been some rain. Therefore, we advise you to bring mostly clothes for warm weather and also a sweater or raincoat. Also remember to bring one national/traditional clothing to show your culture to other delegates!

How safe is Kigali?

Kigali is quite safe, but as you would in any other place, be cautious and not bring valuables with you when walking alone, especially at night, to avoid attracting unnecessary attention.

What is the currency in Rwanda? 

The currency is the Rwandan francs. Even though some restaurants and shops might also accept dollars, many businesses (such as street vendors) only accept Rwandan francs, so it is best to have some pocket money in this currency.

What will be the mode of transport from the airport to the hotel?

Delegates will be picked up at the airport by shuttle.

Is there any free time for the delegates during the days? What will they be doing during free time if there is any?

The agenda for the International Congress is quite packed. In the days prior to the Congress, we will have our International Workers’ Day celebration on May 1st and also an Outcome Harvesting workshop on May 2nd. Delegates can choose to go to these activities or rest after their long trips. You will also have the opportunity to meet with fellow delegates, set up your exhibition stalls and participate in fun activities.

Will the delegates be medically covered?

Each delegate is responsible for securing her or his own travel health insurance. Travel health insurance costs can be reimbursed by StreetNet, if they are communicated to the Congress administration within the deadline and bring the respective receipts.

Will the delegates have time to go around and visit some notable places in Kigali?

Although the agenda during the International Congress is quite packed, delegates might have some time after their arrival to go sightseeing in Kigali, depending on what day and time they arrive.