3-6 MAY 2023


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Kigali the capital city of Rwanda is mostly known for its cleanliness and the welcoming aura that it gives to everyone who steps foot in it. Despite the tragic history that Rwanda faced, the country has managed to build itself again under the concept of unity and reconciliation.
Every corner of Kigali city and the whole country in general has witnessed some tragic and unspeakable events. There are several memorials around the country that were built over mass graves and each one have a different story to tell about what happened in the genocide against the Tutsi people in 1994

Restaurants, shops and markets

Kigali city has various restaurants, coffee shops and hotels that are mostly known for their hospitality and the top-notch customer care. A variety of those restaurants and hotels are also rated 5 stars on an international level. 

Nyabugogo modern market and Nyarugenge market are the most popular markets among the locals as they are located in the center of the city. Many members of SYTRIECI Rwanda also do their daily activities inside and outside of those markets.

Health and Safety

Drinking tap water is debatable but it is recommended to use bottled water in case you can’t buy the filtered water that is mostly used by the locals 

It is completely safe to walk at night in Kigali but, as you would in any other place, be highly cautious and not bring valuables with you to avoid attracting unnecessary attention.

The weather in Kigali have been hard to predict recently which is why there might be a little rain in May differently from the past years where the month was mostly warm and sunny.

 To enter Rwanda a yellow fever vaccination is mandatory to travels coming from yellow fever endemic countries and any country with an active yellow fever outbreak

Covid-19 testing is no longer a requirement prior to boarding the flight to Rwanda. However, regular Covid-19 testing is encouraged. It is also important to be vaccinated for covid-19 before coming to Rwanda to ensure your safety and the one of the others around you. Although it is not mandatory to be vaccinated before you come to Rwanda, regulations can change and we highly encourage you to vaccinate and bring your COVID-19 vaccination certificate.  

There are two hospitals that are close to the Lemigo Hotel: La Croix du Sud Hospital (10 minutes drive) and King Faisal Hospital (15 minutes drive).
The emergency telephone contact is 112, for police and medical emergencies. You should contact 113 in case there is a traffic accident.
Traffic jams in Kigali are unlikely to happen unless there is road construction issues or some hours during the evening when people are going home from work. However, those traffic jams do not take longer than 30 minutes.

Languages spoken

Most locals of Kigali speak English and French but Kinyarwanda is the commonly used language in places like markets and public transports. In either one of those places you shouldn’t expect everyone to speak English or French. Here are some useful words in Kinyarwanda:

Hello = Muraho

Thank you = Murakoze
How are you? = Amakuru?
Yes = Yego
No = Oya
Excuse me = Munyihanganire
Sorry = Mbabarira
Please = Ndakwiginze
Help! = Mfasha!
How much is this? = Nangahe

Places to visit

The Kigali Genocide Memorial includes three permanent exhibitions, the largest of which documents the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. There is also a children’s memorial and an exhibition on the history of genocidal violence around the world. The education centre, gardens, and Genocide Archive of Rwanda contribute to a meaningful tribute to those who perished, and provide a powerful educational experience for visitors.

Address: KG 14 Ave (13 min drive from hotel) | Open 8am-4pm

The Museum for Campaign Against Genocide is located in the parliamentary building, in Kigali just 800m behind Kigali Convention Center roundbout, and just 4.9km, 9 minutes drive from Kigali International Airport. This Campaign Against Genocide Museum was opened officially on 13th December 2017 by H.E Paul Kagame, the President of the Republic of Rwanda.

Address: RN3, Kigali, Rwanda (9 min walk from hotel) | Open 8am-4pm

Nyabugogo modern market was constructed by the government specifically for street vendors who were surrounding the area of Nyabugogo.

Address:  326X + 24J (around 17 min drive from the hotel) | Open 6am-8pm