Decent Work Day 2022

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October 7th is Decent Work Day! In the whole world workers, trade unions and labor associations get together for initiatives to protect the right to decent and safe work.
What does Decent Work mean?
Decent work is a productive work that delivers fair income, entails security in the workplace, social protection, opportunity for personal development and social integration, freedom for people to organize, express their concerns and participate in decision making. It means equal opportunities for men and women.
This definition comes from the International Labour Organization.
We cannot work towards sustainable development without decent work!
To celebrate this day with its affiliates and allies around the world, StreetNet International has prepared a set of banners in different languages. You can download them for free here and use them for your own initiatives. We encourage you to take pictures holding the banners and send them to us, so we can organise a digital flash mob across our channels!