International Women’s Day 2023

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As we move towards our 7th International Congress, we want to celebrate one of the pillars of StreetNet International: women’s leadership.  This March 8, join us in highlighting and celebrating women’s empowerment and leadership from across the world. From Benin to Nepal, women leaders are changing the lives of street vendors and informal traders!

  • Watch the video messages of our women leaders in the playlist below and more on our YouTube Channel!
  • Read the interviews with some of our inspiring women leaders
  • Join the campaign – download our posters!




It is now necessary for us women leaders to take the responsibility, and work at the policy-making level, even if it is difficult.”

Read the interview with our International Council member Maya Gurung, of  Nepal Street Vendors Trade Union.
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 “The path is full of pitfalls. We should not be discouraged. We should go until the end – until we will win”. 

Discover the life of Anastasie Chodaton, International Council members and leader of Syndicat National des Vendeurs, Vendeuses et Assimilés des Marchés of Benin.

My activism gave me strength to survive

Omolola Sholaja, member of our affiliate FIWON (Nigeria) wrote this moving profile of  Frances Bamidele Onokpe, a seamstress, street vendor and leader who has inspired other young women to join our collective workers’ struggle. Read more >>>

Do you want to contribute to the campaign and send your message of solidarity to the women in informal economy around the world?

You can download these posters, take a picture with them and share it with us via Whatsapp or social media!