Strengthening our affiliates

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StreetNet International is developing activities to strengthen the capacity of affiliates to respond to the COVID-19 crisis and futher develop their organizations.


During and post-COVID-19 crisis

This project is funded by the Open Society Foundations and it is based on 7 main activities:

  • Strengthening Capacity and extending a StreetNet operational team
  • Providing technical expert mentorship for strengthening affiliates’ capacity on strategic planning & advocacy
  • Online trainings on negotiations skills for informal economy workers
  • Communication package for affiliates
  • Country-based projects on post-COVID19 recovery plans for affiliates
  • Online thematic webinars to raise awareness about informal economy workers & their mains needs & concerns
  • Establishing a properly functioning internal and online
    communication system

StreetNet’s short-term strategy is to set up a good coordination and communication operational system to be able to provide an immediate technical support to the affiliates. This strategy will gradually move towards medium-term and a long-term strategies on strengthening capacity of the affiliates to advocate for themselves at both local and national level; to become stronger and recognized, who are able to establish a long-lasting negotiations forums with the governments in discussion a new models of economic recovery in a post-COVID19 period.