Alice Nkunzimana – SYVEBU, Burundi

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Alice NKUNZIMANA is a single mother of Burundian nationality. She is an active and dynamic person for the promotion, protection and defence of women’s rights and more specifically the rights of workers in the informal economy

My super power is courage, commitment and determination in my work for the defence of human rights. Being a woman leader in defending the rights of street vendors is not easy in Burundi. One encounters many challenges but as one is serving a good cause one must double one’s efforts to overcome them.

“I draw my strength from the environment where I grew up. I am a person of integrity and have been involved in community movements since I was young. In addition to being a woman leader of SYVEBU, I have been a member of the Association for the Promotion of the Burundian Girl, an association that defends the rights of girls, for over 22 years. It is an association that conveys good values, the values of UBUNTU, including mutual aid and being at the service of others, to name but a few.”

“In addition to my environment, my strength lies in my managerial skills in different sectors: I have extensive experience in the management and implementation of projects related to the economic empowerment of women and youth and coaching/mentoring”