Rosheda Mueller – SAITA, South Africa

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I think it’s rather difficult at times to distinguish between one’s capabilities and capacity to carry out one’s mandate on the one hand, and being perceived as having some type of superpower on the other.

There are indeed occasions when I surprise myself at the extent of my energy levels, given my advanced age and accompanying comorbidities. I am truly astounded, but similarly I’m appreciative of my higher power who alone has blessed me with my “superpower” which indeed is wrapped in generous helpings of passion, commitment, and a special love for my sector.

It is said that some people are born great, some achieve greatness, and some others have greatness thrust upon them! Yet greatness has many definitions. In my humble opinion, my greatness is my superpower, which by extension is my capacity to deliver.

But were I to be given a choice of an added superpower or super ability, it would be a mental ability to influence the perceptions of decision makers within all tiers of government with regard to the true relevance of the informal business sector, so that they would immediately, and without exception implement all our recommendations.